Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions

Looking for a packaging solution? You don’t have to worry at all. You can find plenty of packing peanuts and other essential packing items at MBE.


If your box won’t fit, we have corrugated boxes in 9 different sizes that probably will. If you’re sending a delicate object, we have bubble wrap and packing foam to make sure your shipment arrives in one piece.


So if you don’t have the right packing materials, don’t worry. Just head down to MBE where you can pack and ship, all in one convenient location. What else can you ask for?


Use our Volumetric Calculator to check your own box size dimensional weight.

Foam Peanuts

MBE, in all Malaysia Courier Services, offer Foam peanuts to help protect fragile items during shipment. Without these, your package may experience potentially damaging shocks and vibrations during transit. You’ll find foam peanuts at most MBE outlets for your convenience.

Bubble Wrap

Like foam peanuts, bubble wrap provides your fragile items added protection. Bubble wrap is air-filled hemispheres that provide cushioning for a safe and secure delivery – the bigger the “bubbles”, the more shock absorption they provide. Bubble wrap is available at a number of MBE outlets at affordable prices.

“Ready to send your documents and parcels out? Just drop by at any MBE and ask for Document Services and we’ll take care of the rest.”